Most businesses have a very good product portfolio but fail to get the sales they deserve because their audience doesn’t go beyond the first look. Looks are not everything, but there is no denying the fact that entry points such as your brands logo and packaging, the website and app UI play an important role in attracting eyeballs.

Whether you are an admirer of minimalistic designs, or prefer splash of colours in your brand, or want to be adventurous yet stay within the realm of corporate boundaries, Right Walnut has an experienced team of artists, graphical designers and film makers who can put your brand to canvas.


Visual identity
Visual identity

We understand the importance of your brand’s identity in creating a recall value in your audience’s mind. Apart from creating your brand style guide, logo and templates, our creative packaging gives your product an edge over the competition with innovative and eye-catching designs.


Our technically sound graphic designers get into the shoes of the end-user and create interfaces which are easy to use and pleasurable. We collaborate with our customers’ software development team seamlessly to create web and mobile applications.

Spaces design

Your brand experience extends beyond your products and collateral to office and shop spaces design. We understand your core values and beliefs and reflect them in interior and exterior designs to make everlasting impression on your employees and customers.

Event management

Are you hosting a conference, summit or exhibition, or participating in one? We are experienced in shaping it end-to-end, including agenda creation, event management and booth design for corporate stakeholders, and engaging the attendees during the event.

Video edit create

Right from writing the script, screenplay to creating a corporate film, we create video content that tells your story in the most compelling manner. Whether it's a film, animation, corporate video or presentation, creative and high-quality production is our USP.

Print media
Print media

Print media With a firm foothold in digital media, Right Walnut has focus in the traditional print media such as newspaper, magazine and billboard advertisements too. Our head-turning designs make the final prints stand out from the crowd.

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