Whether you are a start-up seeking a partner, as agile as you, to conceptualize your brand for going to market, or you need support to launch your new offering, or you want to refresh and renew your brand to match with the current trends, Right Walnut (a fully owned subsidiary of NordicMojo) has just the offering for you. We are a 360-degree marketing agency that strategizes, develops, designs and implements campaigns to provide creative and customised solutions to its customers.

Our offerings

Brand Consulting

Brand Consulting

Through effective brand positioning and brand design, we help you to connect with your audience in innovative ways and garner the attention your brand deserves. Building corporate identity and launch marketing is our forte.

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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Bringing together all digital tools across search engines, social media, online ads, web and content, we create a unique marketing strategy tailored for you, resulting in a powerful and engaging marketing campaign.

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Design Services

Design Studio

We offer a wide range of professional design solutions, from brand design and UI to websites and outdoor media. Avail our offerings to mark your brand’s presence in events, merchandise and physical spaces.

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About Right Walnut
“Creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye.”
– Dorothy Parker

In today’s digital world, where every action is metric-driven, creativity is often offered a back seat by marketing agencies. Not us! We believe that success of a campaign cannot merely be measured by counting the number of likes, clicks and traffic. Attracting the relevant audience and delivering end-user delight is our priority. At Right Walnut, creativity gets the driver’s seat and everything else follows.

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Tips to create engaging content marketing

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