Over the past two decades, digital transformation is reshaping every business, and marketing is no different. As humankind is spending more time on the smartphone than watching television or reading newspapers, businesses have become extremely dependent on the growth of digital technology.

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The main advantages of digital marketing, over traditional medium, are many.

#1 Larger reach

Not only do you have access to the audience which you can reach organically, but the audience size is literally limitless for paid online campaigns. It works wonders while targeting a global or scattered audience.

#2 Improved targeting

Imagine the power of a tool which lets you specifically target a 30-year-old male who loves trekking and is a fan of Will Smith. Wouldn’t it be easy to create perfectly tailored content for him? That’s the power of digital marketing.

#3 Easy measurement

It is important for a marketer to understand the impact of her/his marketing efforts. Digital marketing allows one to measure the return on investment. It also allows you to instantly find out what your audience thinks of your brand and marketing efforts.

#4 Lower cost

Digital marketing costs lesser than traditional methods of marketing as everything is online and the use of social media, emails and websites does not come with a significant price. Even if businesses opt for paid ads, there is a range of price options available.

#5 Provision for corrections / changes

One of the biggest nightmares of a marketer is printing wrong information in an ad. Unlike traditional media, this can be immediately corrected in digital campaigns. Digital marketing allows you to quickly learn from the results of the current campaign, and change things for your next round of marketing efforts.

However, there is still room for traditional marketing in businesses. It can be more effective than digital marketing methods if you want to reach an older or non tech-savvy or rural or a local audience. Though these methods may seem old, marketers lean towards them because of their tried and tested nature. We all encounter some sort of traditional marketing in our daily lives, whether it’s through television ads, radio jingles, your daily newspaper or an enticing billboard.

To conclude, even though digital marketing continues to trend up in today’s world, businesses can leverage the power of both working well together.

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