Nike’s ‘just do it’ tagline, the shape of Coca Cola’s bottle, the golden arches of McDonald's – these are a few examples of products that succeeded in building an unforgettable brand identity. Are you striving to build a brand with loyal following? To be successful, you should focus on being more than just a name. You need a story or a deeper inner inspiration which can connect you to your consumers.

Brands should have a unique character, beliefs and identity. According to the Kapferer Brand Identity Prism, there are six important facets that give a brand its identity.

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#1 Brand Physique

What does your brand look like? The physical characteristics and tangible value shape a brand’s physique. It is perhaps not most important, but the first thing that catches the consumer’s eye.

#2 Brand Personality

If your brand were human, what kind of person would it be? Every brand should have qualities or attributes, by communicating which, it gradually builds up character.

#3 Relationship

Instead of simply selling your product, you should focus on building a meaningful relationship between your brand and its customers. The type of interaction your brand has with its consumers builds a relationship.

#4 Brand Culture

What are the values your brand endorses? What does it stand for and believe in? The answers to these questions form the culture of your brand. It can be influenced by a brand’s country of origin too.

#5 Reflection

What is the demographic of the most obvious user you can think of for your brand? Reflection depicts the brand’s perceived client type, i.e. the most stereotypical user of the brand.

#6 Self-image

Using a brand elicits a specific feeling on its customers. Self-image concerns the way your consumers see themselves as when they interact with your brand.

Crafting your brand identity takes time and thoughtful consideration of the values you bring to your customers. Incorporating the above ingredients in your recipe can cook up a brand with an edge over the competition and set it apart.

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