Create the content of your marketing collateral like a movie, not a documentary, because nobody has ever heard of a ‘blockbuster’ documentary. Listed below are the basic elements that make your content marketing more engaging.

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#1 Distinctive Title

The title of your content should have an element of suspense yet reflect value for the audience who reads it. Instead of choosing a title like ‘Cloud Computing Solutions: An Overview’, try out a catchier one like ‘Reduce Software Licensing Costs by 30%’ for your next whitepaper or presentation.

#2 Interesting Storyline

Interesting stories stimulate the audience, while point-by-point narratives are usually packed with overwhelming amounts of information. The audience of your marketing collateral too want to hear a good story. Dumping a huge amount of information about your offering on them is never a good idea. Also, split your content into logical sections.

#3 Exaggeration

There is a thin line between exaggeration and hogwash. Exaggerate about your offerings but don't lie about their features. Steve Jobs, who is considered as one of the best presenters and communicators of all times, frequently used phrases such as ‘a phone that will redefine your life’ and ‘we have re-invented the phone’ while delivering presentations. Try doing something similar in your next marketing collateral. And if it is a presentation, do it with a lot of energy and excitement; you might end up getting a cheer from the audience.

#4 Humor

If you assume that the gray haired and black suit sporting CEO of your prospective or current client is a no-nonsense guy with zero appetite for humor, you are probably wrong. Your presentations with 'serious' underlying topics can have their light moments. But remember, as an audience we all get irritated by slapstick. So, avoid that and don’t try too hard to be funny.

#5 Appealing Design

In your marketing collateral, infographics and illustrations help in making the content look aesthetic and, at the same time, contributes in telling the story. Use these as props wherever possible, and through their aid you can avoid using too much text.

#6 Memorable Climax

If you want your marketing collateral to stir up some thoughts and remain with the audience even after the end, ensure that the climax or the conclusion summarizes the entire story effectively. An effective call-to-action ensures that your audience thinks about it and comes back to you with questions or inputs.

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